Meadow House Dining Room

Meadow House Dining Room

The dining room has beautiful views across the meadow to groves of mature gums and to the distant hills. Great to sit around the table when you’ve cooked that special meal. Set the table with crystal and china. There’s nothing better than good food and good company with all the trimmings. An eclectic mix of art including photos, icons, watercolours and wood inlays decorate the walls.

P1810939 dining table and chair detail

P1810933 dining table detail

P1820256 dining from kitchen

P1820264 dining credenza detail

P1820339 dining urn

P1820295 dining to living

P1820311 dining candles

P1810969 living room icon









The photos on this site are taken on the property by The Paddock Paparazzi, Carol Jones. You can see more of her photos by clicking the link.


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