Meadow House Critters

Meadow House Critters

We’re restoring the property back to the original bushland and all wildlife is welcome. There are 100 plus species of birds (including a pair of eagles), grey kangaroos, echidnas, rabbits and foxes and a resident goanna. We also agist some of our neighbour’s sheep and sometimes wild goats come to visit. All of them are queuing up to get their portraits done. But remember, it’s not a manicured park and all the animals are wild, so be careful.

P1660085 fox

P1540143 sheep portraitP1470415 rabbit in grass

P1100112 Wrens On Branch full size

P1080007 magpies on dead branches

P1710114.JPG duck on dam with ripples

P1050766 2012 May 02 Sheep full size

P1080490 mushrooms in grass

P1650355 kangaroo behind post









The photos on this site are taken on the property by The Paddock Paparazzi, Carol Jones. You can see more of her photos by clicking the link.


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