Meadow House Landscapes

Meadow House Landscapes

Stroll the property and find just the right outlook and nature’s infinite moods will create a palette for any view. It’s the magic of light which makes all the difference to a landscape. The best pictures capture the moment.

P1660713 blooms on dam

P1450372 leaf litter

P1650533 trees and sunrise clouds

P1440891 clouds through trees

P1290403 one tree dark sky

P1520151 fog with trees and fence

P1080877 Ice On Dam full size

P1730413 dam with tree reflections

P1680269 fence

P1660661 wool shed with swallows









The photos on this site are taken on the property by The Paddock Paparazzi, Carol Jones. You can see more of her photos by clicking the link.


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