Friends Of The Meadow House

Friends Of The Meadow House

This page will be devoted to art and artists. It will contain work of those who visit The Meadow House and any artists, professional or amateur, who want to contribute. We’re not after just pictures. In fact, the main theme will be the how and why of art. If you have a philosophy about your art or you want to discuss technique or tell us what you’re trying to achieve, tell us. It’s all grist for the mill. So tell us about what you’re doing even if it’s a sketch or incomplete piece of art. There will also be a link to your web page as we can all use a bit of extra publicity.

This page won’t be the thin lipped, squinty eyed critical type of thing, but rather a very informal expression of art in all it’s dimensions. We ain’t gonna judge. You can express your view and if it isn’t offensive we’ll publish. and we’ll put it on this page. Make sure that you have illustrations in JPG and some way that I can get in touch with you.

We have sponsored the Art unlimited prize for landscape art and the inaugural winner is Jude Fleming with her 5 panel work called Bush Light. See more of Jude Fleming’s work here

Part of the five panel series

Part of the five panel series

One of the framed works

One of the framed works

Part of the work

Part of the work

The artist

The artist






Jude’s winning entry is a collage work in five panels depicting the quality of light in the bush. But the intriguing aspect is that it’s a two dimensional work which works in three dimensions by giving us glimpses of scenery through painted collage strips. The light effect is produced by bold use of light and dark shapes in the background which also enhance the perspective.

Although the collage is attached to the surface it gives the effect of looking through the picture to scenery beyond. The background is rather ambiguous and it’s either in front of the collage strips if we’re looking through or behind if we pay attention to the perspective.

There are subtleties at play here. For instance the collage strips are mounted with tape so they stand a little proud giving edge shadows and the edges are cut rather than torn to give a crisper effect enhancing the looking through feeling.

Collage work is ultimately playing with shapes, their relation to each other and to the background. It’s all a bit subjective as the spaces between the collage pieces and their relationship to each other form important elements in the work. But Bush light works a treat with every part supporting the main theme of light.

Why five pieces? Well, according to Jude the work was made to fill a certain space. So you see it’s simple when you know how.

Jude has been influenced by, among others, Kurt Schwitters a German Dadaist and Colin Lanceley a contemporary Australian artist who both used collage for landscapes. Both of these artists are rather aggressive compared to Jude’s quieter, more introspective approach.

Bush Light is a worthy winner of the Art unlimited Meadow House Prize for Landscape art. And we’re looking forward to some art which Jude promised to produce while staying at The meadow House.

DasUndbild by Kurt Schwitters Influencer Jude Fleming

Birth of Venus 1999 by Colin LanceleyInfluencer Jude Fleming


Jude is influenced by many artists in her collage work and especially by Kurt Schwitters, a German Dadaist and Colin Lanceley a contemporary Australian artist. Schwitters’s work is on the left and Lanceley’s on the right.




My own art passion is wood block print making. I enjoy the simplicity of the medium and the control I have over the total production of the piece of art. There are artists who can produce wood block prints which are much, much better than mine. But I’m striving for a sketch effect in the print rather than a photographic look. So I sketch the basic elements of my composition and then elaborate as I carve. My particular present preoccupation is to suggest three dimensions in the work using just the simple black and white technique.

The flower series was done quite a while ago and although it’s not exactly gallery standard, it’s a step along the way.

art page pigface 100_0637 1500Wx1125H

art page morning glory

art page nasturtiums100_0653


The painter Beverley Stowe was a recent guest at The Meadow House. While staying with us she produced a work in acrylic called Sunny Meadow. We think it’s an excellent piece of work and we’re glad that Beverley immortalised this view of our property.

painting-beverley stowe-Sunny Meadows P1050684JPG 3-05-2015 6-09-56 AM 640x480

Beverley’s comments on her work explain her rational:

“I approached that particular scene because of the shadows. They drew me to paint that particular photo. And as you know, the whole benefit of walking the meadows in the early morning, rather than at any other time, was to experience the variance of light. I have accentuated the highlights. And it is a changing scene with weather conditions. Hopefully it may afford greater contrast for emotional appeal when hung as a picture.

I love the depth or distance this scenery affords the eye. Which captures the wonder of this hilly landscape, backdropped by the far flung mountain range. I have changed the proportions a little, because I did not have a more horizontal and shallow canvas with me.

My technique was to be realistic rather than representative. Which takes more time, and gives a neater result, by building and building on each subject until it satisfied me. I find that when totally absorbed in a work, because I love it, I find it almost impossible to put down the brushes ~ Because I become part of the original experience all over again. And I relive the walk, and the company with which I shared it. Hence I’m ever so grateful to both of my hosts for allowing me this pleasure, and for encouraging my painting during my happy stay at Meadow House Getaway.”


This landscape by Jude Fleming was painted while she was in residence at the Meadow House as the prize for winning the landscape section at Art Unlimited. It’s a view from the kitchen veranda and depicts the scene with quick, blocky brush strokes. It veers to the abstract and yet maintains a sense of place. Jude is using color and texture to lead the eye through the picture with a fine sense of balance. Detail is suggested in the feathered edges of the brush strokes and the mix of color.

meadow house landscape by jude fleming


Sally Falkiner painted this still life of a vase of flowers at the Meadow House. Swirls of bright color and heavy texture laid on by the brushwork create an exuberant and lush work. The lilies leap out of the canvas with the green/blue foliage creating a sense of mystery, enticing the eye to explore the in between spaces. The picture has just the right balance between hot and cool. The work tends to the abstract but the feel is so real that you can almost smell the flowers and want to change the water.

flowers at meadow house by Sally Falkiner

Beverly Stowe has visited the Meadow House several times and has contributed art work to our collection. On her last visit a glass sculpture depicting two birds intertwined on branches caught her fancy and she interpreted the sculpture as the real thing in this styalised painting.



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