P1810237 view from west behind shrubsThe Meadow House User Manual

For emergencies or assistance or to answer any questions call Victor on 63 588 511. We live on the property so are happy to help in any way possible. There is no land line telephone at the Meadow House.

Although you are guests and we respect your privacy and comfort we need to explain how The Meadow House works and to set a few rules.

Sleeping arrangements Although the Meadow House sleeps 4 adults the double bedrooms have full size double beds only. The house is designed for couples and there are no single beds available.

What to Bring We can provide everything except drinks. You have the option of having food and recipes provided for you to cook or of bringing your own food stuff (see Eating In for recipes and food provided). But we do provide the basics. When you arrive you will find: one litre of fresh milk, one loaf of wholemeal bread, one dozen eggs, instant coffee, tea bags, butter, olive oil, salt, sugar, mustard and various other staples and condiments with an extensive spice cabinet. Most jars and bottles will have been part used and you are welcome to use as much as necessary.

Smoking inside the house and outside (on the whole property) is not allowed.

The house can only sleep four people at any one time. You may invite guests to visit but tranquility is the essence so please nothing loud and definitely not overnight.

Children. We will not take bookings with children or babies as The Meadow House is not child safe.

Pets are not allowed in the house or on the property.

Linen and towels are provided. If your stay is longer than a week we will change them after 7 days. We encourage you to hang the towels on the line every now and then to dry and refresh them as necessary.

Cleaning during your stay is up to you. Equipment such as a vacuum cleaner, mops, buckets and brooms are provided and we ask that you do the basics.

Camping on the property is not allowed. Bush fires are a constant danger so lighting of fires outside is never allowed.

Hunting is not allowed and the killing or distressing of wild life is strictly forbidden.

Vehicles of any kind including cars, motor bikes, all terrain vehicles and children’s mini bikes are not allowed past the parking area at The Meadow House. Getting around the property is strictly on foot.

Services rely on rain water and LPG (gas) and although our electrical supply is from the grid it is much more expensive than in the city. Use what you need but please take care not to waste these resources. Water is precious, so please restrict showering and kitchen rinsing under running water.

Sewerage is disposed of by a septic system. So be reasonable with the use of toilet paper.

Blackouts may happen on rare occasions and if this happens while you are in residence you will be contacted and advised as to how to proceed. There are torches, electric lanterns and candles for emergency use.

Automatic water pumps are installed for the house water and the garden. The house pump comes on whenever you open a tap or flush the toilet. The garden pump is set for 1am in the morning and comes on automatically.

The electric hot plate should be used for cooking and the gas burners reserved for emergency use only. Always open the exhaust hood while cooking on the hot plate.

The oven is gas and it is for general use but do not use the grill and oven together as LPG doesn’t produce enough pressure for both.

The smoke alarms may activate if smoke from cooking or the fire place is detected. Reset the alarm by pushing the red button on the underside.

Garbage must be disposed of into the small kitchen benchtop bin and the plastic liner tied securely before disposal into the garbage bin situated on the covered walkway. Replace the liner in the small bin after each disposal. Non food items such as bottles, boxes and wrapping should be put directly into the garbage bin. When this intermediate bin is full remove and replace the double bag liner. Tie the full liners securely and place into an Otto Bin situated next to the gas bottles.

Before leaving please empty the dishwasher, return everything to it’s proper place and leave the house clean and tidy as you found it.

We hope that you enjoy your stay and we value any advice that will help us improve our service and presentation.

In the event of guests ignoring or contravening these conditions we reserve the right to deny you access to the property and/or to demand your immediate departure. Denial of residency under these circumstances will not entitle you to any refund of booking fees.